Want Fuller Eyebrows? Micropigmentation May Work for You

Do you dream of thick, full eyebrows like model/actress Cara Delevingne, but suffer from over-plucking in the 90s? You are not alone or without options. Eyebrow tattoos can mimic the appearance of hair in the brow line, allowing you to leave that eyebrow liner behind.

Intradermal pigmentation, a medically proven and safe procedure, involves a specialist applying natural pigment into the dermal layer of the skin.


Micropigmentation: How It Works

At Clarity MD, we offer a free consultation visit to determine whether someone is a good candidate for the procedure. If we decide to perform micropigmentation, we discuss pre- and post-care instructions and establish a color for the pigment.

The first permanent makeup eyebrow treatment is scheduled for two hours. The practitioner and patient work together to find the best eyebrow shape for the patient’s face. Numbing cream is applied once markings are in place. When properly numbed, the 30- to 45-minute micropigmentation procedure begins.


Post-care for Permanent Makeup

Treated areas will appear darker and bolder for up to a week post procedure.  Skin may be red and swollen, and some scabbing will occur. A liquid bandage is applied over brows after the procedure to enhance the healing process. The patient should leave this in place for four days. They can wash the area with a gentle cleanser on the fifth day, then should apply A&D ointment for a few days. We recommend avoiding sun exposure for a few weeks.  The patient should return for a perfection visit five to twelve weeks after their first procedure. We suggest one- to three-hour-long perfection appointments for the best-looking eyebrows.


Permanent Eyebrow Cost

Permanent eyebrows cost $800 at Clarity MD. Davina Isaacs, director of clinical operations at Clarity MD, recommends a consultation for anyone considering micropigmentation to discuss concerns and put their mind at ease while building a relationship with the practitioner.

“The trust between the patient and the practitioner is really an integral part of the procedure,” she adds.

Isaacs also knows from personal experience how much of a confidence booster permanent makeup can be.

“I personally have my eyebrows done and love them so much,” she says. “It saves me tons of time in the morning during my makeup routine, and I feel more confident when I don’t wear makeup. I didn’t know how much they were going to make me feel better about my appearance.”


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