New Year’s Skin Resolutions

A new year, a new you. What an overused phrase, but what could be truer. We have an entirely new year for new beginnings. Each and every resolution usually forms around some sort of lifestyle change. As you set your intentions to work on yourself, make sure you are including one of the biggest assets you have, your beautiful skin.

Let’s talk about some great resolutions that will set you on the path to health, beautiful skin. Some might be no-brainers, but let us say, each one is very important.

1. Remove your makeup every night

We work hard all day and are always on the go. By the time you get home, all you want to do is kick back and relax, just let the stress of the day roll off. Unfortunately, the activities continue up until the moments before you lay your head to rest. We are talking about makeup removal. If you don’t remove your makeup before bed, you run the risk of clogging your pores which can cause breakouts. We suggest you clean your face the moment you are home. This ensures that you go to bed with a perfectly clean face. If you need a cleanser, stop by and check out our selection of facial cleaning products.


2. Get checked!

We cannot stress this enough. In a culture of beautification, tanning and sun exposure comes with very serious consequences. It can be hard to determine by looking for yourself, and there are many areas one simply cannot see. Be sure you get yourself checked for any suspicious moles by a dermatologist. When you get checked, make sure you set next year’s appointment, so you don’t forget.

3. Exfoliate your skin

Think of this as a wake up for your skin. All of the dead cells that go unseen can make your skin feel dull and lack-luster. Using an exfoliator will help you scrub away the unwanted skin cells, but do not simply focus on your face. Give yourself an all over refresh and leave your entire body feeling vibrant and smooth.

4. Say no! To touching your face

Touching your face can be a habit that helps you in times of stress, nervousness, or during bouts of boredom.  It transfers bacteria and adds unwanted pore-clogging oils to your beautiful skin, and we all know where this can lead. Stave off the unwanted blemishes and make it a point to break this bad habit!

5. Give yourself time

Obviously, this is not skin specific, but it is very important. Allowing yourself more time in the morning and after your shower will give you the ability to stick with your routines. The extra five minutes you give yourself after the shower will allow you to moisturize your body, the extra time in the morning will open up the time to check your go-bag to make sure have your post-workout cleansing items.

These are just a few of our suggestions. If you need help getting your skin regimen on track or want to consult with on our doctors, please contact us to set your appointment.

Let us know what your skin care resolutions are for 2017!