5 Sleepless Excuses

When we are younger we do not see the value of sleep. We had the luxury of staying up until the unknown hours of the early morning and sleeping well through the next day. But, what implications do a lack of sleep and an improper sleep schedule have on your health? Let’s look at a few sleepless excuses and how you help solve the root problem.

1. I have too much to do.

Most of us are on-the-go and have a load of work and once we get home, we are back at it again preparing for the next day and getting the family ready for bed. We can understand the life and responsibility of a parent, but there are little things you can do during the day to account for more time later in the day.

There are numerous time management apps on the market that can help you prioritize your day. Sometimes it can be tough to determine what is most important. Start with the more labor-intensive tasks and find ways to streamline the smaller distractions through the day. It is okay to let people know you are offline as to avoid unwanted, productivity-killing conversations.

Another great way to get ahead is to avoid checking social media sites that can lead you down a rabbit hole of likes, shares, and shopping. These little adjustments can open the day and you will be able to jump on the task…see below.

2. I don’t get to bed at a reasonable hour

You might be finding a common theme throughout this article. A proper bedtime can do wonders for you and your health. If you are finding it hard to nail down a time, keep a daily log of when you go to bed and work to find a middle ground. From there, you can determine if you need to add an hour more to get yourself prepped and ready for bed. Setting a sleep schedule doesn’t just start and end with you. You can make it a family matter and educate your children on the benefits.

How weird, there is even an app for that. Pillow will help you set a schedule and keep track of your sleep activity.

3. I am too restless after a busy day

This is directly related to finding more time for yourself. All day you are running around and your mind is going. Just because you jump in bed, the wheels don’t stop turning. Give yourself some time before bed to decompress. You can read a book, meditate, do some lite stretching, have a simple conversation with your partner, or simply stare at the wall. The goal here is to slow down your mind and prepare yourself for bed. Find a ritual that works for you and try to avoid screens. The blue light tends to increase brain activity and leave you feeling alert and could keep you from hitting your sleep cycle.

4. I have insomnia

Odds are you do not have insomnia and you’re are self-diagnosing. The average person who claims they have insomnia are just not taking the right measures to get ahead with their sleep cycle. Maybe you have a TV in your room or you are up late checking Facebook or watching Youtube videos. Stop, drop it, and sleep. I recently moved the TV from our bedroom to completely rule out late night Netflix binges and started charging my cell phone on the other side of the room, making it hard for me to troll through apps.

5. I wake up too many times during the night

Most people neglect the proper bed and pillow. They toss and turn all night and wake up periodically to readjust their position. If you take the time to research your and set your sleep patterns you might find the root cause is your body alignment. I like to say you should invest in three things when shopping. Proper shoes, because you spend the majority of the day on your feet. Quality food, because what you eat is in direct relation to your health. Beds and pillows, because we spend most of our life sleeping or would like to. Visit your local mattress shop and look for the best bed to fit your need. Almost every shop offers interest-free financing to help with the self-negotiating process. Also, there is a reason why that bed set is on sale for $300, buyer beware.

Do any of these sound familiar? Odds are you have heard a few and the ever-famous, “I’ll sleep when I am dead.” Well, it goes without saying, that day comes a lot quicker if you are not mindful of your body’s needs. Take time and make time for yourself. If that is hard with a big family, get them involved. It can be fun if you make it that way, but it all starts with you.

Do you have any sleepless excuses? We love to hear and are happy to help. Drop us a comment and connect!