Tips for Relieving Dry Skin

Even though it doesn’t seem much like winter in Indianapolis, the colder days are on the way and with that comes the need for dry skin relief. Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these great times for relieving dry skin.

Cooler showers

Yes, we know that the cold weather calls for warm baths and piping hot showers, but the truth is, hot showers do more harm than good. As you shower in hot water, your skin is stripped of all of the natural oils leaving your skin feeling dry. What you should do is turn the handle down to a comfortable, yet cooler temperature.


Moisturizing is one of the most important ways to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Once you step out of the shower, make it a point to apply a moisturizer to your entire body, covering thoroughly and evenly. But, you might need to step it up for your face and neck. Here is a great option for you.

Jan Marini Age Intervention Face Cream

Perfect for those with dry or sensitive skin, Jan Marini Age Intervention Face Cream bring intense hydration to help combat the visible signs of aging skin.


Make a routine

Taking care of your skin is not a one-and-done scenario. It requires dedication and time, but we can assure it is can be simple and easy. Your routine should include a morning and night cream, after shower moisturizing, and the occasional exfoliation.

ZO Skin Health Ommerse Overnight Recovery Creme

Just because you are sleeping doesn’t mean you can’t be accomplishing something. Ommerse Overnight Recovery Creme is a complete anti-aging formula that works overnight to repair and regenerate severely dry and irritated skin. Apply it before bed, and wake up feeling fresh and hydrated.

ZO Medical Restoracalm

With dry skin comes redness and what better way to calm the appearance of red, irritated skin than with Restoracalm. Formulated for all skin types, especially sensitive skin, Restoracalm helps soothe sensitive, compromised skin, reduces the appearance of redness and irritation, and restores and helps strengthen the skin’s protective barrier.


As your skin dries, it will leave behind a flaky layer of dead skin which will cause your pores to block and lead to breakouts. Using a light, gentle exfoliant, massage your face in a circular pattern and rinse with cool water. Be sure to avoid overly abrasive material as it can damage your skin. Despite its benefits, exfoliation, if done too often can have a negative impact on your skin leaving you with dry, red skin.

Seek Clarity

Even though there are great DIY options and phenomenal products on the market, sometimes you just need a little clarification. Our team was built with your skin in mind. Our physician-guided Skin rejuvenation services will help you get your skin feeling the way you want it. So, set yourself or your loved ones up with a facial, peel, or see our other services here!