National Healthy Skin Month: 5 Tips for Your Best Skin

November is National Healthy Skin Month. In order to protect yourself this winter against the harsh cold weather, we’ve put together some tips to help!

1. Always wear sunscreen

Just because you aren’t posted up at the beach or lounging by the pool, doesn’t mean the sun is not as powerful. Be sure to wear sunscreen with at least 30 SPF every day.For the more fair-skinned ClarityMD fans out there, increase your SPF accordingly and protect your beautiful skin.

2. Water, water everywhere

Yes, rain and snow can be a bit of a bummer, but think of them as a reminder to stay hydrated. Water is essential to life and it also provides many benefits that include helping your skin stay radiant and smooth. During the winter months, the cold can dry your skin and cause a build-up of dead skin cells that can clog pores. Proper water intake, exfoliating, and moisturizing, will help you maintain beautiful skin all winter long.

3. Diet? How about lifestyle change!

We don’t like the term diet because diets are short-lived. Your diet refers to the foods you consume on a daily basis, so make it healthy, and make it worth each bite. Plant-based meals are chock-full of vitamins and minerals that provide numerous health benefits like:

  • The ever-wonderful weight loss
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Mental clarity
  • Improved heart function
  • Improved cholesterol levels

One thing is for sure, the vitamins and minerals all contribute to happy and healthy skin. This holiday, skip the fried foods and make a change that will stick.

4. Protect your lips

When people think of moisturizing, they think body and face, but they forget their lips. Rather than reaching for the chapstick when your lips are plagued with dryness or peeling, prepare them for the winter battle. Choose a lip balm with SPF properties and kiss with confidence under the mistletoe.

5. Don’t sweat the small stuff

This time of year is filled with holiday shopping, family fun, and yes, the big presentation that is Christmas dinner. Though some are prepared this year and got their holiday shopping done early, most of us will be scrambling the last minute. Stress plays a major role in your skin’s health. With increased hormone levels, you are setting yourself up for a potential blemish or two. Make sure your skin stays clear and radiant for all of your holiday photos and find a way to stay calm. Remember, don’t sweat the small stuff.

If you would like to learn more about how the team and ClarityMD can help you this holiday season click here or give us a call!